We specialize in state-of-the-art breast reconstruction techniques using your body’s own tissue without sacrificing important functional muscles.

Considered the most advanced in the world today, our procedures result in a breast that closely matches your own in shape and softness.

TUG – Breast Reconstruction using Your Inner Thigh

In patients where there is not enough abdominal fat and skin, an alternate choice for breast reconstruction is the upper inner thigh region. This is a new technique where an elliptical piece of skin and fat is taken from the upper inner thigh. The incision is closed as if the patient was having a thigh lift. The scar ends up being 1 – 3 cm below the groin crease, or below the groin line from a bikini bottom. A small muscle (the gracilis muscle) is taken with the flap in most cases; however there is no functional loss from removing this muscle.

Once the tissue is safely detached from the inner thigh it is reattached to the small blood vessels in the breast area, resulting in a microsurgical tissue transfer. The tiny blood vessels are connected together using microsurgery techniques. Once this is complete, the blood flow to the tissue is restored. Next, the tissue is shaped to fit the mastectomy defect.

Typically this type of breast reconstruction is limited to patients who have already had surgery on their stomach such as a tummy tuck or liposuction.  In many cases both inner thigh TUG flaps are used to make a single breast. This results in better symmetry on the thighs, but does increase the length of the operation by 50%.