We specialize in state-of-the-art breast reconstruction techniques using your body’s own tissue without sacrificing important functional muscles.

Considered the most advanced in the world today, our procedures result in a breast that closely matches your own in shape and softness.


Before surgery:  Linda, Cancer Care Manitoba clinic nurse: 787-4194

If you have any questions related to your condition, call your plastic surgery nurse:

Surgeon Plastic Surgery Nurse Phone
Dr. Buchel Heather 204 787-8830
Dr. Hayakawa Shaney 204 787-7240
Dr. Islur Maureen 204 237-2800
Dr. Olivier Maureen 204 237-2800
Dr. Sigurdson Heather 204 787-8830

To schedule appointments after surgery please call your surgeon’s assistant:

Surgeon Surgeon Assistant Phone
Dr. Buchel Cindy 204 787-7224
Dr. Hayakawa Mandy 204 787-7158
Dr. Islur Paula 204 235-3020
Dr. Olivier Heather 204 235-3636
Dr. Sigurdson Dyanne 204 787-7374

Dr. Buchel, Dr. Hayakawa and Dr. Sigurdson and their nurses are located at the Yellow Desk on the main floor of Health Sciences Centre (GD129).

Dr. Islur and Dr. Olivier offices are located 400 Taché, Suite 200 across from the

St. Boniface General Hospital.


Health Sciences Centre

Health Sciences Centre has four primary parking lots all with hourly rates and a daily maximum.    Please remember that at peak times lots can be full.  You should allow enough time before your appointment to visit more than one lot to find an available parking space.

  1. William Avenue Parkade; enter from William Avenue
  2. Emily Street Parkade; located between Notre Dame Avenue and McDermot Avenue, enter from Emily street.
  3. Sherbrook Street Underground Garage; enter from Sherbrook Street.
  4. Rehab Underground Garage; located at Olivia Street and McDermot Avenue, enter from McDermot Avenue.

View Health Sciences Center in a larger map

St. Boniface General Hospital

St. Boniface General Hospital has three parking lots and a parkade:

  1. Parking lot on Taché Avenue (hourly rates, daily maximum) nearest Main entrance
  2. Parking lot on Taché Avenue (ticket dispenser) south of Main entrance (D block)
  3. Parking lot at the South Entrance (hourly rates, daily maximum) nearest for Emergency, CancerCare, Bergen Cardiac Care Centre
  4. Parkade across Taché Avenue, east of the hospital (hourly rates, daily maximum)

View St. Boniface General Hospital in a larger map