We specialize in state-of-the-art breast reconstruction techniques using your body’s own tissue without sacrificing important functional muscles.

Considered the most advanced in the world today, our procedures result in a breast that closely matches your own in shape and softness.

Your Surgery Begins

The Operating Room

Once inside the operating room, you will meet the anesthetist who put you to sleep for your surgery.  You will be connected to numerous machines like heart and blood pressure monitors that will ensure your vital signs remain normal. Once connected, you will be put to sleep, connected to a ventilator system and fitted with a catheter.

During Surgery

A medical team of eight or more specialists is present during your surgery.  The team includes the surgical oncologist who performs the mastectomy, your plastic surgeon, a resident, a fellow, a physician’s assistant, the anesthetist and three nurses.

The length of your surgery depends on the type of procedure and whether one or two breasts require surgery.  Most DIEP and SIEA procedures are completed in two to four hours when one breast is being reconstructed or approximately six to eight hours for both.  TUG, SGAP and IGAP surgical procedures typically take approximately 6-8 hours.

PRE OP Holding Area

Once you leave the day surgery unit you will be taken to the pre-operative area, just outside the operating rooms.  Here you will meet the specific nurses that will be involved in your surgery.  They will confirm with you the surgery you are having done, and then take you into the operating room.